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latency using SMO to script Table – Sql Server Management Object

With SMO, it is easier to programmatically make same tasks than Sql Server 2008 Management Studio wizard which allows script all database objects (tables, storde procedure, index,data…):

msdn url below will explain you how SMO works

One trooble I have encountered in scripting with smo many tables (many hundred)  was that scripting with smo have taken 2 hours against only few minutes with SSMS wizard. One workaround was to firstly use PrefectObject and secondly make   call script method with multithreading. It allows me to decrease time processing from 2 hours to 20 minutes.

use PrefetchObject to make one call to load table collection:

Database db = … // get your database root

ScriptingOptions so = new ScriptingOptions();

db.PrefetchObject(typeof(Table), so);


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